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Are you excited to transform your basement into a more comfortable and livable space? Start with the flooring.

Whether you want to finish your basement or leave it as is, it is vital to cover the concrete floor with a waterproof sealer to keep moisture out. Adding an epoxy floor coating is one of the greatest methods to protect and preserve your space. To bring light and individuality to your basement, you may decorate your concrete floor with various colors and patterns. Because of its endurance and resilience to severe conditions, many residents in Spokane, WA, trust Lilac City Epoxy’s basement floor systems. Epoxy flooring can tolerate extreme temperatures, both cold and hot.

Expect an utterly indestructible flooring that can survive caustic chemicals and whatever your children may spill on it when you install resin flooring.

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Epoxy Flooring vs. Tiles for Basement Floor

If you’re thinking about redoing your basement floor, you might be wondering which option is best for you: epoxy flooring or tiles. Both have advantages and disadvantages to consider, so here’s what to expect when making a decision.

Ceramic Tile Flooring

Epoxy Floor Coatings

When the benefits of a long-lasting epoxy floor are balanced against the benefits of ceramic tile, epoxy typically wins. Epoxy flooring is durable, low-maintenance, safe, and visually beautiful, living up to its reputation. This durable choice will have you preferring epoxy over tile every time!

So, if you’re finishing up your basement, now is an excellent time to consider putting epoxy flooring. If you’re not sure how much an epoxy basement floor will cost, think about how long you’ll use it. When you consider all of its applications — you’ll walk over it every day, and it’ll support the weight of couches, entertainment centers, pool and foosball tables — it’s difficult to deny its importance.

About Basement Epoxy Flooring

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy flooring protects your basement floor from moisture, preventing leaks or spills from penetrating the floor and causing structural damage. Because water sits on top of epoxy, it is simple to clean. Resin flooring is also resistant to germs and bacteria, so you won't have to worry about mold or mildew in your basement.

Paint will work fine if you only need a quick and easy coating to a flooring not usually exposed to moisture and excessive foot traffic. But if it’s for a surface that’s susceptible to all kinds of damage, including fluctuating temperatures and unpredictable kids and pets, you need a more resilient flooring system.
An epoxy floor coating is guaranteed to be slip-resistant, waterproof, and stylish. It can also add unmatched durability and long-lasting layers of protection to your existing basement flooring.

Epoxy coating typically lasts 10 to 20 years, but it can last even longer with proper maintenance and touch-ups. When the time comes to replace your floor, there will be no need for removal or disposal of your old flooring. It's important to know that epoxy flooring is a long-term solution that won't end up in a landfill.

Apart from being extremely durable and resistant to almost anything, epoxy basement floor systems are also built to last. They can even last longer than any tile, wood, or carpet flooring. When it comes to maintenance, epoxy floors are also your best bet. They are easy to keep clean – thanks to their smooth and seamless surface. Many homeowners choose epoxy floor coating for their garages, basements, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

As a sealant, epoxy can also protect your existing flooring, whether it’s wood, concrete, or other material. When poured over an existing floor, it will keep the concrete from cracking and wearing down. Epoxy floors are also customizable. Whether you want a metallic or a marble-looking floor, epoxy can make that happen. It comes in a vast range of colors and textures, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to design.

Epoxy is not only durable; it is also visually appealing. With its customizable colors, patterns, and effects, Epoxy can brighten work areas, project a clean and professional image, supplement business branding efforts, and even contribute to safety through striping and warnings. Homeowners will appreciate epoxy as a long-lasting yet aesthetically pleasing solution for their basement, garage, or living spaces.

No. Epoxy is one of the most affordable and cost-effective flooring systems you can install in your basement. It is even cheaper than those carpets and tiles we usually put on basements to make them look more inviting. 

Epoxy can be poured directly over a different flooring material. This means you don't need to remove your current flooring, saving you a lot of money, time, and labor expenses. And since resin flooring is extremely durable, you won't need to replace or repair it now and then.

Depending on the extent of the damage. Minor cracks and stains can be easily repaired before installing epoxy floor coating. However, major cracks or water damage need to be fixed before installing the epoxy coating.

Epoxy floor coating systems are commendable for their durability and long lifespan. They protect your concrete floor from cracks and stains with their high protective layer material. Epoxy floors can withstand many forms of damage and are accurately stronger than concrete.

Lilac City Epoxy’s customers choose industrial grade epoxy floor coatings for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it's a low-maintenance flooring option that looks as good as it works. The capacity to handle severe loads and chemicals is one of the features that others feel it satisfies. It has static dissipation qualities, a flawless surface that separates spills, and more. We can propose the best industrial epoxy solution for your house or facility if you are unsure if epoxy is the perfect option for your home or business.


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You can apply an epoxy basement floor coating yourself, but if you want it to last as long as possible, consider hiring a professional. A professional team like Lilac City Epoxy knows how to properly prepare the slab, which epoxy products to use, and how and when to apply the epoxy.

Our epoxy installers work quickly to provide you with long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing flooring. You’ll adore epoxy for its appearance, but you’ll adore it even more for its low-maintenance properties.

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